I have had some ideas about gadgets for photography that have made me want to go back to my college days and start messing around with some programming and circuit hacking.  The things I would like to accomplish with my cameras that require gadgets are:

  • Intervalometer – time-lapse photography
  • High speed stop motion photography to capture very small moments in time that can not be done easily without some kind of sensor and camera interface
  • Gigapixel panoramic images – huge panoramic pictures made up of lots of smaller photos.
  • Remote trigger – Be able to trigger the camera remotely.
  • Multi-bracket HDR images – take HDR photos for enhanced dynamic range using multiple brackets.
  • The possibility to combine any or all of the above.

Most of the items listed above can be done already with off the shelf products, however the cost is what is preventative in most instances.  I also want to try and put all of this into one box that I can carry in my camera bag rather than 5 different pieces.

  • Canon sells intervalometers for their cameras and there are knock-offs that run anywhere from $50-$200
  • There are kits to do stop motion photography out there but if I am going to build something from a kit I want to build it as part of this all-in-one box I am going to attempt to build.
  • Gigapixel images are easily accomplished with the very cool Gigapan unit http://www.gigapan.com but they cost about $400.
  • Remote triggers are available that cost anywhere from $35 to $250
  • Multi-bracket HDR has been hacked by other people using the same or similar hardware that I plan on using but I do not believe that there is off-the-shelf hardware to do this currently.

This will be similar to a project that Tom Lack built that he called AI-1 or “All-in-one” http://www.mindspring.com/~tom2000/Projects/AI-1_Remote/AI-1_Remote.html

I will post more later on hardware I have ordered, the camera hardware it will interface with and a preliminary feature list.