It has been a while but I have an update on my code for the All-in-One camera controller I have been working on.  The camera controller is coming along.  At this point I have most of the basic functionality working and have begun to work on the programable features.  The features that are currently working are focus, basic shooting,  bulb mode and intervalometer mode using a fixed interval.  I have also learned a lot about programming the Arduino and even more about interaction between the Arduino and the hardware especially how to deal with buttons the many ways that they will be used in this project.  In version 0.13 all of these features mentioned were working when my breadboard was connected to my Canon XTi or my Canon G10 using the mini jack.

While doing testing I have found some features that need to be added such as the ability to control how long the shutter relay is closed to take a picture because the cameras need a shorter press if the flash is turned off or if autofocus is turned off as opposed to with either or both of them on.  I have also begun to formulate how these settings will be handled and how the menu system will work.  For simplicity in programming, all settings will be set by going into one advanced mode that will be available via the main menu along with the feature modes.

As I continue to refine the menu system and get some of the advanced settings configured I will begin to post code.  I am also looking for the best way to document my hardware so that I can share it here.  I have tried a few software packages but have yet to find any that I really like.  I would like one that would allow me to convert my design from a basic diagram of the connections of the components into the files needed to get a PCB made once I am done with the project.